Ashley's love for the ocean started at a young age in Malibu.  A life evolved around riding California peelers has helped to foster her knowledge of a vast array of surfboard shapes. In 2002, while studying music in Santa Barbara, Ashley also began the craft of making surfboards. Lloyd Thompson is ever grateful for Danny Tarampi, of the Malibu area, and the Boys from the Wilderness, in Santa Barbara, who guided her through her first steps in foam, fiberglass and resin. In her beginning, Ashley shaped and glassed all of the boards she made.  In 2005, Lloyd joined Bing Surfboards as a team rider & shaper with 2 of her own surfboard models, while continuing with her own line of custom surfboards out of Santa Cruz, CA where she now resides with her family.   

  Upon the desire and necessity to make surfboards with less of an environmental footprint as well as less toxicity to the makers, Ashley and husband/music partner, Alex Thompson decided to switch over from using conventional polyester resin.  Alex helped to shift their glassing operation to be all in-house with a bio-based epoxy resin made by Entropy Resins. From here, they were Green certified with an organization called Sustainable Surf.

  Today, all of Ashley's boards are ECOboard verified through Sustainable Surf Organization.  For a Gold Level Verified board, you can use post-consumer EPS(expanded polystyrene) foam and high-bio content Entropy Resin.  For those who prefer PU (poly urethane) foam, boards are glassed with Entropy resin and are Level One Verified.  Flax cloth, an alternate material made from a flax plant is another contributing part of the composition of Ashley's surfboards and story that she is thrilled to use in construction of boards, adding strength and dampening aspects of glide and grace when using recycled EPS. With great appreciation for traditional longboard surfing, it has been paramount for Ashley to achieve a classic feel and glide while treading lighter on the environment. 

  Ashley strives to create joy, balancing her life’s work with shaping, surf instruction, and playing music with Alex in their band, The Shapes. Signing boards, “made with love”, Ashley Lloyd Thompson puts heart into all that she creates. 

© 2016 Ashley Lloyd Thompson Surfboards

Made with love in Santa Cruz, CA

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