COVID 19:  Transitions continue to happen through COVID and it has hit the surfboard production line and supply chain.  Ashley thanks all of her customers with immense gratitude for any longer than expected wait for their surfboard turn-around on orders and apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.  2021 was an approx. 9-12 months turnaround, with Ashley doing her best to keep the balance of health and presence with being a single mom, homeschooling, as well as starting up a new company, Unfurling. You and the surfboards being made are also important to Ashley, and they are “Made with love.” .   

 “Shaping has been a tremendous gift in my life, and it’s an honor to be a part of people’s surfing evolution."

*2022 UPDATE: As of now boards are at an approx 9 month turnaround on custom orders.  Stock boards available for immediate purchase.


Ashley Lloyd’s love for the ocean started at a young age in Malibu.  A life evolved around California peelers has helped to foster her knowledge of a vast array of surfboard shapes. In 2002, while studying music in Santa Barbara, Ashley also began the craft of making surfboards. Lloyd is ever grateful for her friend, Danny Tarampi, the first person to teach her about shaping and the Boys from the Wilderness, in Santa Barbara, who guided her through her first steps in foam, fiberglass and resin. In her beginning, Ashley shaped and glassed all of the boards she made.  In 2005, Lloyd joined Bing Surfboards as a team rider & shaper with 2 of her own surfboard models, while continuing with her own line of custom surfboards out of Santa Cruz, CA where she now resides as a proud mama, surfboard shaper, and the founder of a new company she is starting named Unfurling.   


ECOboards:  Upon the desire and necessity to make surfboards with less of an environmental footprint as well as less toxicity to the makers, Ashley decided to switch over from using the conventional polyester resins to biobased epoxy.  With this change, her boards are ECOboard verified through Sustainable Surf Organization. Ashley’s recyclable EPS foam surfboard blank offcuts through Marko Foam are recycled into other foam products.  

Ashley is a Sustainable Surf and Sea Trees Ambassador, helping to make change in the Surf Industry as well as restore and protect coastal ecosystems around the world.


FLAX!!  Ashley is a huge fan of the properties of flax cloth, which can be used to replace fiberglass layers.  With great appreciation for single fin longboard surfing, it has been paramount for Ashley to achieve classic feel and glide while treading lighter on the environment.  Not only is flax extremely strong, it also has a dampening aspect to it, which can add a beautiful smooth glide quality to the vibration sensitivities of EPS foam.