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If you would like a custom board, let's get some insight into what you're looking for. Below are a few questions to help me understand where you're at in your surfing and what you're looking for so that I can shape you the right board. Often times, people don't know exactly what they want to this interview will help us to get on track!


Feel free to copy and paste the questions below and include them in your email. 


 What are your dimensions?    (Weight, Height, M/F)

 What is your stance?    Regular or Goofy

 Years surfing? 

 Where will this board be surfed and in what conditions? 

 How would you like this board to differ from what you're currently using? 

 Who are your favorite surfers and why? 

 What are your goals and what direction would you like to go toward in surfing? 

 Do you have a preference of traditional PU or EPS foam?

 Do you have a specific model in mind? 


Let's talk about your new board!


Thanks for connecting!

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