photo by Beth O'Rourke

photo by Beth O'Rourke

Ashley Lloyd and son Being with the Beach and eachother

Surf Guidance.  Ashley's connectivity to the ocean has been fostered through the gifts of nurturing, humbling, and unveiling lessons received in her lifetime near the shoreline.  From her learnings of building castles out of sand, to reading and riding waves, to big wipeouts, to the ease of flowing with water, to social dynamics, to etiquette and ideal line-up positioning, to competition, to her career of surfboard shaping and design, to world travels; exploring the connective possibilities of the ocean and the healing pathways it invites has been a deeply valued relationship in Ashley Lloyd's life.  


Surf guidance with Ashley starts with declaring one's intentions for the session. Respect, ocean safety, and surf etiquette, are the foundations Ashley starts with to assist people in achieving surf goals. As our needs are all unique, Ashley provides help for beginners, intermediates, and even surfers of old looking to further their skills or boost them from the plateau they may be on.


Whatever it may be that you may need from the ocean, surfing can be a beautiful discovery and adventure in self-growth.  Ashley loves the potential and opening she sees people create for themselves as she celebrates with them, sharing her knowledge and presence. 


As we may be strengthened through our challenges, we can observe what we may need to release some things for our expansion.  Allowing room for a vulnerable state of trust in the unknown is a deserved opportunity.  Ashley encourages her clients, recognizing what is working for them in a positive way, as well as what ways may use a shift of perspective.  While her expertise is in surf refinement, she acknowledges that her suggestions are purely an offer for people to experience through surfing, another pathway to further refine the trust in their own being.  


Info and pricing:

Sessions are generally about 1 - 1 1/2 hours, including the prep before entering the ocean. Wetsuit rental is an additional $30/ day.  Please provide height and weight and request a wetsuit in advance to ensure a suit is available.  You can also rent your own suit from where Ashley would in Santa Cruz, at Freeline 41st Ave.  (Surfboard demos are available here and at Traveler. )


Location: Santa Cruz and beyond 

Where to meet? Traveler Surf Club and Coastal Outpost, 41st Ave.

(Unless otherwise planned) 

Private Guide: $200 per hour.  


Semi-Private Guidance: $180 per person. 

Surf Flow Clinic: $150/ person session. Intermediate and advanced. Surf consultation before and after surf with Ashley.  This is more of a surf flow session with Ashley rather than a detail oriented lesson.

Surf Zoom: $140/ hr. Guidance offered over Zoom.  Get your session in, no matter where you are in proximity to the ocean!   Whether an instructional lesson with movement, or a talk in what you may need help in, we can tailor this to your needs. 

Surf and Board Progression and package: Includes gift certificate for Surfboard, 3 surf consultations over zoom 

How to schedule a session: Call Ashley at (831)566-8759 or email  


Scheduling is dependent on availability and ocean conditions such as tides and swell.



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